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Imagine being back on the running trails 

in 6 short weeks

without the confusion of how to start, nervousness that you're doing it wrong & without the fear that you might make something worse.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • A Tailored Return to Run Plan You Can Stick To

    You'll know your ideal running & exercise volume week-by-week that will get you to your goals. No matter if you workout daily or you can only carve out once each week, no mommy guilt trips; promise!  This program was built for moms by a mom.
  • Stronger Core & Hips 

    Weekly essential progressive strength exercises will get you stronger whether you're able to workout 1 or 3x each week!  No special equipment or space needed & kid friendly!  Workouts are concise & efficient!  (Not 17,000 exercises that don't work!)
  • A Solid Foundation for Your Pelvic Floor 

    Impact training is included each week, perfect if you're navigating leakage, pelvic organ prolapse or other pressure management issues. AND NO, I don't mean kegels!  We're going to move!
  • Confidence You're Taking the Right Steps

    With our Resource Library & expert interviews on topics like hormones, breastfeeding, running gear & pelvic floor issues, you'll return to running with all systems in balance!
  • Knowledge That You're Learning From the Expert

    Dr. Carrie has 30+ years of running experience, 20+ years as a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist & has returned to running, CrossFit & yoga after 2 babies.  She's stood in your shoes, unsure of where to start, made & learned from common mistakes.  She has problem solved through prolapse, leakage & diastasis recti herself & with hundreds of postpartum women.  Dr. Carrie developed a realistic Postpartum Return to Run plan that works so you can simply get back to what you love; running!  

My pelvic floor issues are under control & I know what I need to do to stay well going forward. I have recommended Dr. Carrie to many of my mom friends & encourage post-partum moms to connect as well!

- CB

I have strengthened my musculature substantially I'm ready to keep going on my own! I am hopeful & feel greater confidence in regaining my abilities. Throughout, Dr. Carrie has been a great coach & has been so wonderful in making it easy to relax, feel respected & cared for during the process!

- TS

Dr. Carrie encouraged me to exercise, but never made me feel guilty when I hadn't been consistent. I have progressed so well & I am very grateful for her!  This was a game-changer for my family & my quality of life!

- JS

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