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How to Overcome the 3 Most Common Postpartum Return-to-Run Mistakes

Hosted by Dr. Carrie Pagliano, DPT, PT, Board Certified Orthopedic & Women's Health Clinical Specialist, RRCA Certified Running Coach & Mom of 2

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What Practically Every Runner-Mom Does & Shouldn't

Returning to running sounds easy...until you try to do it!  Having a baby is no small feat, so your plans for return to running afterwards need to focus on all the changes from the past 9 months AND delivery!


6 Weeks May be Too Fresh

OB cleared you specifically for running?  Not so fast.  Learn what you ACTUALLY need to return to running safely!


Just Running Is A Set-Up

Let's be honest, pregnancy wasn't exactly like normal training.  There's more work to do after having your little one!


No One Ever Said I Wish I Hadn't Done More

I've seriously NEVER met a mom who wished they hadn't slowed down, listened more to professional advice or gotten stronger.  Time to stop the cycle of mistakes & put safety & smarts 1st!

"Dr. Carrie helped me get back to the active life that I was missing so much!  I’m able to de-stress with workouts, chase my daughter around the yard, and go for runs again without leaking.  Things I never thought I’d be able to do again." -AL

How is getting back to running postpartum any different than what I've done many times before?


We're given the impression that once you're cleared at 6 weeks by your OB, everything is back to normal.  NOT TRUE!  But even if you know you need to get stronger & should phase back in to running, where do you begin?  Shouldn't Kegels be enough to stave off any pelvic floor issues?  If it were only that simple!

Join me for this FREE Postpartum Mama Masterclass as we unpack these common mistakes & I give you tips on some better ways to get back to running after baby!


Join me for the Postpartum Mama Masterclass including Q&A!

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A Note From The Instructor...

Hey mama-
First of all, congrats!  Being a mom is amazing, special & literally #allthethings!  I was super excited about getting back on the trails after I had my son.  I remember wanting do everything "the right way" during & after my 1st pregnancy.  I thought it would be easy; I've been a runner since I was a kid, I work with postpartum moms all the time & being pregnant makes you strong, right?
Um, no.
Join me for this 30 minute Mama Masterclass where I'll share the most common postpartum return-to-run mistakes I've seen (& experienced!) over the past 20+ years (& 2 babies!)  This Postpartum Masterclass will save you tons of time, frustration & effort trying to get it right!  See you soon!
-Dr. Carrie