Learn How To Overcome The 3 Most Common Postpartum Return to Run Mistakes & Getting Started the Right Way

Getting back to your running groove isn't going smoothly...

  • Your Dr. gave you the “all clear” but your first half mile felt longer than pregnancy!
  • None of the ‘Get back to running’ programs are reasonable for a new mom
  • You’re doing your Kegels (you think…) but considering the puddle after your last run, maybe you’re not doing them right?

Hold Up Mama!

Getting back into running isn’t as simple as “Couch to 5k” - even if your doctor says you’re ready.

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You'll Uncover...

6 Weeks Isn't Always Good to Go

Why your doctor's okay isn't the only thing you need- and how to know what training plan will work for your body

Running Isn't Enough

Your body just pulled off nature’s biggest miracle - we’ll discuss what special drills and techniques you might need

Kegels Aren't Gonna Cut It

Why just doing Kegels isn’t working (they might be the opposite of what you need!) and what your body needs to build runner’s strength


Dr. Carrie Pagliano, DPT


Board Certified Orthopedic & Women's Health Clinical Specialist

RRCA Certified Running Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (Online)

Mom of 2


I'm a doctor of physical therapy, a runner, and a mom. So when I got the “ok” from her OB to get back to running after giving birth, I laced up my shoes and sprinted out the door…only to pull up short 100 meters later looking for a bathroom and a sweatshirt to tie around my waist!

Since then, I've become passionate about helping women be runners and moms! Going from the delivery room to the finish line is totally possible but your post-baby body needs some TLC. 

I've designed a simple, at-home diagnostic system to determine exactly what your postpartum body needs and a fits-into-your-life running program that works at your speed. 

Your pregnancy, delivery, and body were all unique to you - your return to run program should be, too. 

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Designed by a doctor of physical therapy, run coach, runner, AND mom (who’s totally been there!), this masterclass isn’t just “another thing” for moms to do. It was created to fit into a mom’s schedule and work for a mom’s body.


Avoid the 3 Most Common Postpartum Return to Run Mistakes

You're a runner and a mom.  This masterclass will show you how to do both.