In less than 4 weeks, you could be...


Drying the eyes of another mom who “should” be back to running and isn’t progressing,


You could be reading yet another “You’re the best! Thank you!” client email after a new mom’s most recent race, while your colleagues beg to know your secret. 


The choice is yours. 

October 2022 Cohort is Closed

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Your client...

  • 12 weeks postpartum
  • Passed the Return to Run Readiness Screen
  • Should be up and running...

But, she’s not.

She’s in your office with the 4Ps: Pain, Prolapse, and Poise Pads.  

And as much as she’s frustrated...

You are, too. 

So many of your moms have trouble getting back to running while others sprint to the finish line and tag your colleagues “miracle workers” on social media.

What are YOU missing?! You follow the standard plans, you give the approved exercises -

So why is getting mama to run again so hard?

Welcome to The Real Moms' Guide to Postpartum Return to Run


 The postpartum professionals’ 5 Step Framework - a clear, repeatable formula to take moms from the delivery room to the finish line.

Here’s the truth no one else is saying: 

Much like “One size fits all pants”, cookie cutter plans don’t work for all moms. 

In fact, they don’t even work for most!

That leaves a huge percentage of new moms shuffling for the bathroom 10 steps into their run.

The secret to getting postpartum women back in their running groove isn’t following a new protocol or getting a new certification.

It’s knowing where the real problems lie and how to efficiently treat them.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you join The Real Moms' Guide to Postpartum Return to Run: PRO EDITION - a four week, live training that delivers a flexible, 5 step framework to correctly assess what your moms need, design a protocol they’ll actually follow, and get them back to running, pain, prolapse, and puddle free!

When you join The Real Moms' Guide to Postpartum Return to Run: PRO EDITION, you get instant access so you can start getting clients on the right road TODAY


The 5 Step Framework; runner tested, mom approved!

It’s the straightforward key that keeps you focused on the actions that make the biggest difference for your runners. 

The 4 training modules will show you exactly how to use the framework that’ll leave your clients singing your praises as they lace up their shoes!


Module 1 reveals the 5 step, problem-solving framework that helps pinpoint your client’s real issues to speed recovery and leave you both feeling confident. You’ll also get:

  • Exactly how to identify your client’s deficits so you don’t waste time
  • 3 bodily changes new moms experience that most programs overlook
  • How to decide your course of action so you both get started on the right foot!


A runner’s gotta run! But if it was as easy as just doing Kegels, they wouldn’t be coming to you for help. In this module, we’ll discuss exercise dosage & progression in the context of postpartum leakage, diastasis recti, pelvic pain & prolapse. We’ll also highlight:

  • The 2 areas that are most often overlooked (to the runner’s detriment!)
  • How to decide which issue to focus on first 
  • The formula you can use to quickly and accurately determine exercise dosage
  • When and why to use video analysis so you look like a polished pro
  • The easy trick that makes workouts shorter, skyrockets compliance, and makes you look clever!


This is where the rubber meets the road and all that prep work turns into a run! It’s also where your expertise gets to shine as you help them tailor the plan to fit their body and their life. In this module, we’ll discuss:

  • A simple tool that fits the program into their lives so they stick with it
  • How to know when to progress (and when to slow down!)
  • When to tell a runner they can’t run (and what their response will be)
  • Which shoes you should recommend to all your patients!


It’s pretty rare that our plans go perfectly. Which is why in Module 4 we’re going to discuss how to keep things moving forward even if they go off course. We’ll cover:

  • The first place to look when the outcome doesn’t match our expectations
  • This sneaky element that is often overlooked
  • How to get your client to be their own best source of motivation
  • A list of the most common sources of issues to help laser focus your assessment does the framework work? 

Excellent question.

Each module will walk through one of the steps in great detail from problem solving, exercise & walk/run programming; but the overview is simply this: The keys lie in correctly pinpointing your client’s issue (something so few “standard” programs do) and creating a plan to get her running again that:

  1. works
  2. she’s excited to do.

You know, so she actually DOES IT! Once she sees those small wins adding up, she’s on her way to her next race. 

And all because you joined The Real Moms' Guide to Postpartum Return to Run: PRO EDITION.

R2RPRO has been specifically designed for postpartum physical therapists, postpartum coaches, trainers, and run coaches that know the Return To Run Readiness Screen isn’t enough. 

You want the problem-solving framework that applies to any mom who wants to get back to running; Flexible enough to handle the individual issues of each mom, smart enough to identify each problem, and deep enough so every mom can take as long as she needs. 

You want The Real Moms' Guide to Postpartum Return to Run: PRO EDITION.



In addition to the 5-step framework and 4 modules, you’ll also get tools and done-for-you worksheets that cut your prep time in half, including:

  • Detailed case studies so you can see exactly how a technique was applied
  • How to tailor programming using Heart Rate Variability
  • A customizable running timeline so you’re never starting from scratch
  • A weekly progression template that transforms into a customized program
  • A run/walk formula means you’re ready to meet your moms where they’re at
  • Which video apps and resources are worth the money
  • Workbooks and planning sheets with each module so nothing slows down your progress




You’ll get access to a private Facebook group where you can meet like-minded professionals, get advice and answers, as well as a Live Q&A call where you can get 1:1 answers with Dr. Carrie Pagliano, and weekly, virtual check-ins to ensure you’re confident with the framework.


In this bonus, we’ll take a look at prolapse, diastasis recti, incontinence & pelvic pain in the context of returning to run after pregnancy.

We’ll also break down what we do (and don’t!) know about common postpartum issues and exercises.

Lastly, we’ll look at how to remove fear from the recovery process so nothing stands in the way of full recovery!


Say goodbye to cuing chaos!  Analyzing a runner’s stride and breaking down their form causes you more sweat than the workout! That’s exactly why the Down and Dirty Running Technique Bonus was created. You’ll get the most common technique issues for postpartum women and how to identify them as well as clear criteria of when to call in a running coach, strength coach, or physio (and how to find the right one!).

You're just a click away...

From joining the professional community dedicated to helping moms return to their impact-sport. Whether it involves running, jumping, or just wanting to not pee during a workout. Your payment gives you instant access to:

  • The 5 Step Framework that allows you to guide new moms back into running no matter where she’s starting from
  • The full course of video lessons and printable material outlining each phase of treatment
  • Access to a supportive community including 1:1 answers with physical therapist and postpartum expert, Dr. Carrie Pagliano
  • The Postpartum 101 Mythbuster Bonus means you’ll stand out from the crowd telling her to “Just keep doing your Kegels!”
  • The Down and Dirty Running Technique bonus means your clients will be running smoother than ever before!

All this for the price of a dinner a day!

Meet Dr. Carrie Pagliano, PT

I'm Dr. Carrie!  I’ve been a dynamic leader in the areas of women’s/pelvic health for over 20 years. I also love CrossFit and running, and I’m a proud mom of two.

So when I wanted to get back to running after my first child, I thought “Who better than me?”. A quarter mile into the run turned into a frantic dash for the bathroom and my first steps toward developing a better way. 

I did a LOT of research on why the accepted programs weren’t working, why “Readiness To Run” didn’t mean anyone was ready for anything, and why standard practices just weren’t working for new moms. 

I worked with a lot of postpartum moms, tried a lot of new ideas and techniques, and got a lot of feedback. And used it all to develop The Real Mom's Guide to Postpartum Return to Run: PRO EDITION.

Now, postpartum professionals have a 5 Step Framework they can use to assess and treat any mom who wants to reduce or eliminate symptoms and get back to running. 

You know the “industry-standard” isn’t working for your patients and you want a flexible, effective, problem-solving tool to help get your moms back to running. Join The Real Mom's Guide to Postpartum Return to Run: PRO EDITION now and get the 5 Step Framework that will change your practice. 

The Real Mom's Guide to Postpartum Return to Run: PRO EDITION was created to help you, help moms

So many programs don’t take into account that the lifestyle of a new mom means:

  • She may view her athletic abilities differently than before pregnancy
  • She might feel extra pressure to get back faster and overdo her training
  • Her time is not her own! She may no longer have 60 minutes to dedicate to exercising
  • She may not be used to her postpartum body yet

The Real Mom's Guide to Postpartum Return to Run: PRO EDITION takes all of these obstacles into account and guides you through creating a program that won’t just work for her - but that she’s excited to do.

Even if she only has 10 min a day, even if it’s her 4th child, even if she only has the strength to walk - you can use the 5 Step Framework to get her back on the road to running.

October 2022 Cohort is Closed

Got questions?  Email [email protected] or