Imagine finding the missing puzzle piece 

to finally learn how to get your postpartum clients back to symptom-free running

without the self-doubt, confusion, or the nagging feeling you're missing something!

If you’re a...

Postpartum Coach, Trainer, FITSPRO or Physical Therapist...


...looking help your clients return to symptom-free running while feeling confident that YOU can help them achieve their goals...


Then you already know this….


Solving the problem requires a clear, systematic approach!

You've done the research, you've taken the courses...you know that getting your postpartum clients back to running takes a lot more than "Go run & tell me how it went!"  You know how to screen moms for Readiness to Run, but where do you go from there?  You try to get your clients strong, but it doesn't seem to translate to less issues during running for their pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain or diastasis recti.

It's time to stop throwing darts at a dart board & hope they stick.  You're in the right place to finally pull the pieces together & this course was meant for you!

Amazing, informative course! Nothing like it out there!

- Rachael, Physical Therapist

Took ALL the courses & you're STILL lost?

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • A clear step-by-step process to problem solve your toughest postpartum return to run clients

    Cookie-cutter approach not working?  You'll have a plan at your fingertips to troubleshoot what YOUR client needs with this unique strategic process.
  • Direct pathway forward based on Running Readiness Screen Results

    There's a lot of screening tools out there, but now you'll finally have some answers what to do with the results to actually get your client back to running no matter if it's for a WOD, 5k or distance racing!!
  • Confidence, building tailored exercise progression & return to run plans your clients can stick to

    You'll be creating ideal programs with your clients for running & exercise progression that help them meet their goals, without letting your clients down when you hit a roadblock.
  • The return of your professional mojo!

    Less frustration & more successes on the job means getting your professional sparkle back!  No more dreading those complex clients when you have a system to get them closer to their goals that works!
  • Knowledge that you're learning from the expert!

    Dr. Carrie has 30+ years of running experience, 20+ years as a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist & has returned to running, CrossFit & yoga after 2 babies.  She's stood in your shoes as a postpartum professional, unsure of where to start, made & learned from common mistakes.  She has problem solved through prolapse, leakage & diastasis recti herself & with hundreds of postpartum women.  Dr. Carrie developed a realistic step-by-step Return to Run problem solving process that works so you can simply get back to what you love; helping clients get back to running!  

I can’t wait for you to join The Real Moms's Guide to Postpartum Return to Run:  Pro Edition

The focus of the course, & to be honest, what makes it unique, is the problem solving approach I created to use with complex cases & high level athletes including runners. 
The biggest challenge facing postpartum providers these days is they've taken ALL the courses & collected the credentials, but when faced with a semi-complex client, they use up their toolbox & they're lost.  
That was me for a long time (longer than I care to admit)
I took ALL the courses.  I did exactly what I was taught to do...& more often than not, it didn't work. 
It wasn't until I established my own systematic process of  critical analysis to guide my problem solving, that my frustrations & self blame when I couldn't find an answer to my client's problem turned to excitement & that rewarding sense of accomplishment that inspired me to work with postpartum women in the first place.  This step-by-step approach is a literal mash up of #allthethings I've learned over the years as an orthopedic & pelvic health PT/educator, but doesn't discount what I've always known in my gut as an athlete, mom & professional. 
This process has been a game changer for me.  I want you to feel that same "high" I do when helping our clients meet their goals.

Whether you're a seasoned physical therapist, postpartum trainer, coach or this is all new to you; if you want to be better at helping your moms get back to running, you're in the right place.

If you've done the work, have your work to show for it, but not the results after 14 days, your money back, no questions asked.

Enough spinning your wheels.  The time is now.

-Dr. Carrie

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