Postpartum Pro Masterclass 

Problem Solving Prolapse

Overcoming client fears with evidence informed return to activity


Are you a Postpartum Physio, Coach or Trainer lacking confidence helping your clients with prolapse back to running, HIIT, CrossFit or workouts? 
Join me for this FREE Pro Masterclass!

Are you...

Constantly searching for the "right tool" to add to your toolbox when working with active moms with prolapse?
Do you feel like you've got some basic go-to-activities for general prolapse, but when it comes to return back to impact, let's get real.. sometimes the exercises help & sometimes the don't? (And you have no idea why!?!)
Wish you felt more confident about your ability to promise your clients results?
It's time to level up how you think about prolapse & get confident with your approach with this FREE Postpartum Pro Masterclass as your guide!

In this Masterclass

You will learn...


This isn't your grandma's prolapse!

What you were taught in school v. what moms are told (scaring them to death!) & what the evidence REALLY says about returning to activity with pelvic organ prolapse 


More than pressure, posture & pessaries, oh my!

What are we ACTUALLY hoping to change with clients with prolapse?  Organ position, symptoms or does it even matter?  How your clients' understanding of their prolapse may impact your treatment choices & their progress


The case for overactivity

Is it possible PFM overactivity may be impacting symptoms of prolapse?  We'll unpack how this idea could revolutionize rehab & exercise programming for return to activity

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"I really appreciate your knowledge and your ability to share in a "real world" way."

-Jillian, Postpartum Coach

What's new in working with pelvic organ prolapse?

Whether you’re tired of kegels & bridges not being enough or you’re struggling with moms who can’t seem to tolerate impact no matter what progression you try, getting clients back to symptom-free workouts with prolapse is challenging.
I've been there as a physical therapist & a "prolapse-mom" myself, searching for the exact "right answer" to get back to running, impact & strength training without feeling like my organs weren't going to end up on the floor!
Having a systemic approach, an intentional path forward & reframing prolapse progression beyond  pelvic floor strengthening has completely changed my practice… & my own symptoms!

Join me for this FREE Postpartum Pro Masterclass

Let's resurrect your confidence working with active moms with prolapse, by using an evidence informed approach that's completely different.  
Come away from the masterclass with new ideas how to problem solve your most challenging cases & help your moms find a  clear path back to symptom-free running, impact & activity!

3 Opportunities to join me for the LIVE Masterclass & Q&A!  

Tuesday, 9/20, 7pm EST

Wednesday, 9/21, 1pm EST

Friday, 9/23, 9am EST

Seats are limited!  Register NOW!

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Hey Postpartum Pro!

Let’s be honest, if you’re like me, I used to dread working with clients with a prolapse who wanted to get back to activity.  More often than not, they were nervous about every exercise, it was hard to find steady progressions that didn’t stir up heaviness & lots of times, pelvic floor muscle training didn’t do a darn thing to help their symptoms!
It’s one thing trying to navigate symptoms with exercise progressions, but it’s another thing trying to help moms who are terrified about their prolapse!
I’ve met moms who have been flat-out-laughed-at for even thinking that running, lifting or HIIT were even a possibility in their future. Others are too afraid or embarrassed to ask for help from their provider because they think the conversation will ultimately end up focused on surgery & MESH (Yikes!)
Most women want to know if they can “fix” their prolapse & not have to have surgery, but what does that even mean?
I admit, the first time I heard about prolapse was when I was 23, a newbie physical therapist & it literally sounded like an alien was trying to exit a woman’s body.  
I was horrified.
Trying to be a “good PT,” I stuck with the kegel recommendations & what I was taught to do.  Some women got better, but I’ll be honest, most didn’t.
Fast forward to my own 2 deliveries, when to my surprise, I ended up with my own symptoms of POP, despite 2 C-sections.  NO ONE talks about the possibility of POP if you didn’t have a vaginal delivery, so I was shocked! There was ZERO advice in any research about returning to running, lifting or anything else.
I was willing to do ANYTHING to make my symptoms be predictable, tolerable or better yet, just plain go away.
I eventually realized that prolapse is complicated…& that's a good thing!
There’s LOTS of reasons moms can have prolapse symptoms, but at the same time, in many cases, there's a path forward for those of us who aren’t automatic surgical candidates.
Join me for this 60 minute masterclass where we’ll dive into WHY our understanding of POP can change how we approach return to activity.  
We’ll unpack how we absolutely MUST take into consideration client fears about POP & the role in symptoms & reconsider whether it’s time to kick pelvic floor muscle strengthening to the curb…& try something new!
This Postpartum Pro Masterclass will revolutionize how you think about prolapse, your treatment & exercise progressions.  It will improve your confidence, reduce your frustration & you’ll be excited about working with these clients once again!
See you soon!
-Dr. Carrie